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Foraging Board Game


In this game, you can travel along a typical path taken by Lupé’s troop to find food, water, and places to feed, rest, and socialize. 

Very often, after feeding in the plantains after waking up,  the troop would head west, along a pseudoriparian (sue-doe-rye-pair-ian) corridor. 


A pseudoriparian corridor is a living fence (living trees connected with barbed wire) with regular access to water. 


These corridors have been shaped by animal seed dispersal to resemble the riparian corridor:  animals carry seeds and leave them casing the plants from the river to be planted along this living fence.  So, this path has river plants, human-planted plants,  shade, and water. 

They soon come to a spring where there are many palm trees. 

Then, they head south along a more open living fence, to the river. 


From there, they head east along the river until they come to an old schoolhouse

Google Earth. (2020). Curú Wildlife Refuge, SE Nicoya peninsula, Costa Rica.  Retrieved September 2, 2020.,-84.9629526,12359m/data=!3m1!1e3

HR Close 7Sept2020 board game.jpg

Finally, they head back north, through crops and a living fence, and back to the plantains where they spend the night.   

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