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Granny Bette and Granny Francis are sisters.  Their mother was Lupé's Great Granny Adelina.  Although Adelina is no longer living, her family continues on.

Granny Bette is about 23 years old, which is fairly old for a wild white-faced capuchin monkey.  Because she is so old, her eyebrows are very long and they have a reddish color.  She has had seven children.  All of her daughters, Carmen, Red, Teri and Abi live in Lupé's troop.  Lupé and Aunty Abi are the same age.


Bette's two oldest sons, Ramon and Gerardo have left and joined other troops.   Her youngest son, Luis, died not long after he was born.  Granny Bette has 8 grandchildren including Lupé.

Because Bette is so old and has so many daughters and grandchildren, she often leads the troop.  During fights with other troops or if members of the troop get separated, she will call in her loudest voice to bring everyone together.


Granny Francis is 21 years old. She also has long, darkly colored eyebrows and is rather thin.  Francis has six children.  Her three sons, Alvero, Jaun José, and Vinnie have all left to live in other troops, but her daughters live in Lupé's troop along with her 5 grandchildren.  

The kids in Lupé's troop range in age from 6 months to 6 years.  Max, Lupé's brother is six and he is planning to leave the troop very soon.  Peter, who is 4 1/2, may go with Max to join another troop together.

Cousin Sofia is also 6 years old.  She will probably begin having children in the next year to two.

There are five adult males in Lupé's troop:  Julio, the dominant male, Scarface, Hamilton, Angelo, and Bud.  They came from other troops to live with Lupé's family.  They are very gentle and like to play, but they can be very fierce when there is danger.  Lupé especially likes Julio.  He spends lots of time with Lupé's mother, Carmen.  He sometimes carried Lupé when she was a baby.  She's a big girl now and Julio carries Tita now and then.


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